Our services

Does your caravan need some TLC? If so, we can help.

Whether it’s a routine service you’re looking for, or caravan repair after an accident, we’ve got you covered.

With a range of professional services, we can fulfil any requirement you have. We have listed some of our key services, below.

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Caravan Accident Bodywork Repairs

Whether you’ve had a minor bump or a major accident, we understand that you’ll want your caravan back on the road as soon as possible. In line with top industry standards, we conduct a range of caravan repair work, from SMART repairs to restoration and aesthetic work. Out repair work is both efficient and thorough. We’ll have your caravan looking as good as new, in no time.


Insurance Claim Repairs

Caravan accidents are stressful, and always come at the worst of times. As such, we do our very best to minimise the amount of leg-work you must do as a result. Thanks to our excellent reputation and long-standing service within the industry, we have strong relationships with leading insurers. We will liaise with you and your insurer to provide quotations for the caravan repair, obtain authorisation, and keep you both up-to-date with repair progress. We keep timescales as short as possible, to get you back on the road, and allow your insurance claim to complete swiftly.



Servicing is a necessity when keeping your caravan in tip-top condition. It can be an unwelcome financial burden, however. We keep this cost to a minimum for you. We provide servicing and habitation checks for caravans of all makes and ages. With access to almost any part, and 20 years’ experience in caravan repair and servicing, your caravan is in the best hands!


Damp Ingress

Even the best-kept and most well-loved caravans can fall foul to the effects of damp. With time, a damp issue will only worsen and can become incredibly harmful to the structural integrity of your caravan. Damp damage can cause significant financial depreciation, not to mention an unpleasant odour in your living space! Get in there early and we will identify the cause of your damp issue for you. Once we’ve found the ingress, we will rectify the issue, restore the area and put cost-effective measures in place to prevent re-occurrence. Prevention is always better than the cure, though, as they say. So, keep an eye on your joins and seals. If you’re concerned that damp might eventually affect your caravan, ask us about our preventative work.



Do you remember when your caravan was sparkly and new? Or perhaps you’ve adopted a caravan that needs some TLC to restore it to its former glory. Either way, along with caravan repair work, we’ve also been conducting restorations for 20 years. You can therefore be confident that there isn’t an age of caravan design we haven’t worked with! We take immense pride in our restoration work, and would be delighted to provide you with a quote for your project.